Production Capability

Owen Enterprises, Inc. is classified as a specialized manufacturer of fabricated reinforced plastic and fiberglass products.  All production units are custom built to customer specifications.


Production classifications include:

  • Defense and Commercial Aircraft Components
  • Space Vehicle & Missile Components
  • Aeronautics, defense and space technological R & D prototypes (high-tech plastics, fiberglass and carbon-graphite composites)
  • Body & Frame structural components (all-types)
  • Bonding
  • Specialized container, test and handling equipment
  • Product Development
  • Prototype fabrication


Services Offered

  • Production line manufacturing and assembling
  • Precision molds, dies, template jigs, and fixtures
  • Autoclave curing and bonding
  • Reinforced plastic processes:
      • A stage lamination (wet lay-up)
      • B stage lamination (pre-impregnated material)
      • C stage (hard material)
  • Thermo-vacuum formed plastic products
  • Soft tooling, master mock-ups, plaster patterns and breakaway molds
  • All related sub-operations associated with reinforced plastics and fiberglass production
  • Engineering and technical consulting